The Gym

At Functional Fitness, our focus is on getting you strong and keeping you strong – to make the most out of life.

A program of functional fitness combines the right balance of weight training, cardio exercise, relaxation and social interaction – so we’ve designed the gym around these key areas for you.

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Weight Training

Newly refurbished, modern equipment with that old school vibe.

Zones make it easy to make the most of your workout time. Functional gym areas will help you work through your training around muscle groups and targeted exercises planned for you by your trainer.

Specialist plate loaded equipment is designed to replicate how the body naturally moves. We’re bringing you some of the best equipment available to help you achieve results efficiently and prevent injuries.

Extensive Cardio Zone

In the cardio area of the gym, you’ll find a great range of machines to get you moving and keep you motivated. With our focus on functional movement and fitness, we’ve invested heavily in low impact cardio equipment to ensure joint health and better results overall.