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24/7 Functional Fitness

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  • pay though our app
    using Akahu

  • Your smart phone becomes your 24/7 access key*, so there’s $0 in upfront costs and no key to purchase. 
  • Minimum commitment 1 week if paying weekly
  • No notice required – just cancel future payments in the app
  • Manage your own membership and payments in the app

*  Phone needs to be NFC capable and with NFC enabled, otherwise key is $29


Per Week
  • pay by direct debit using Debit Success

  • bank account or credit card

  • $39 one-off to purchase your 24/7 access key

  • Minimum commitment period 1 month

  • 10 days’ written notice to cancel after 1 month

  • Membership and payments managed by gym office and Debit Success

  • Failed payment fee: $14.95

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Per Visit
  • pay by EFTPOS or cash

  • at the Gym counter, during staffed hours
  • Single visit only

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Tired of limited gym hours holding you back?

Imagine the frustration of wanting to hit the gym but finding the doors locked or the gym overcrowded. You need a solution that provides round-the-clock access to a gym facility that fits your lifestyle.  At Functional Fitness, our focus is on getting you strong and keeping you strong – to make the most out of life.  A program of functional fitness combines the right balance of weight training, cardio exercise, relaxation and social interaction – so we’ve designed the gym around these key areas for you.


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